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We care about your experience and satisfaction. All of our models are a top-notch, best in the industry, willing to promote the relaxation and pleasure. To ensure the best experience, you will be kindly asked to fulfill the after - visit "review" form, and review your tantrica. We care about your satisfaction and happiness.

Our erotic tantra massage is unique experience available for all - both men and women. We believe in the importance of relaxation; New York is the city of many stresses and heachaches. We would be happy to take every bit of stress away and let you relax in comfortable setting. Our erotic tantra massage is available to anyone who would like to make an appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call, text or email. We understand that the first experience can be a bit nerve-wracking for the newcomers therefore feel free to call and have a nice chat with one of us and listen to our voice. Please note: we might ask for some information like Instagram profile / social media account for our safety. Please do not take it personally, it is a form of light screening - not always required but sometimes is. Your privacy is one of goals, therefore we will never share it and will always keep it secret.

Nuru massage is slow and sliding experience. Why try?

It is similar to Thai massage… Thai massage is a healing technique which involves stretching. Nuru massage is a Japanese erotic massage technique. The masseuse will rub her body against yours. The word "nuru" means "slippery", and it is non-penetrative however deeply sensual, promoting relaxation, satisfaction and exploration. This session ensures that you get to connect on a whole deeper level with your nuru tantrica. Here are a few benefits that you are guaranteed to achieve:

1. Enhanced emotional connection. It is a very powerful and romantic session. With NURU massage you get to explore your tantrica in a quiet and intimate setting. From the preparation stage to the actual massage, NURU massage ensures and establishes the complete romantic mood from the beginning. The session ensures that you get to know each other. With the addition of incense sticks, aromatherapy and candles, the session becomes very sensitive, leaving both you and your tantrica in a state of a pure bliss.

2. Intense sensations. The feel of your partner's body gliding over yours is enough for you to feel the intense pleasure.

3. Absolute satisfaction. As any massage, this NURU massage helps relax the muscles and relieve the stress from the body. As you get comfortable, your mind will drift into space, totally helping you forget the harsh realities.

Why tantric massage?

The point of tantric and sensual massage is full development. Through the sensual massage, the inner dormant energies of the body are released. This makes a lot of difference overall, and one of the big benefit is that the receiver enhances his/her stamina. Tantricas at Tantra & Nuru Erotic Massage Stars Spa Amsterdam Netherlands can open the areas of the body that have been tied and promote the release of energy. As a result, the person becomes more productive in general and in different areas of life.

Tantric and sensual massage could promote the youth inside and out, and help you feel and look younger. As the result of the massage you become more active sexually in everyday life and acquire more energy to do the daily routine. After a session of tantric massage, you do not feel your age. Tantric massage will help you feel more youthful and more confident. Tantric sensual massage can have a huge impact on everyday life and therefore it becomes increasingly popular in various cultures.

How does tantra massage differ from a "happy ending" or just regular massage?

Those two are commonly mistaken with each other. While the regular massage focuses mostly on the yin energy - the energy of relaxation, tantra massage focuses on both the yin and the yang energies - both relaxation and stimulation. A true and good tantra massage that can be experienced in our online studio Tantra & Nuru Erotic Massage Stars Spa Amsterdam Netherlands waves like sounds of music, interchanging between stimulation and relaxation, back and forth. The meeting of energies will bring you a sense of completeness and peace.

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Erotic massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Tantra massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Nuru is a type of erotic bodywork in which one or more providers rub their body against the clients' body.


Please let us know about your dreams and inquire about other services. We can make a session upon your individual requests.


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Tantric massage: tips and tricks. Technique of tantric massage.
How to do a tantric massage for a man, a woman?

What is love? Surely you have found a suitable answer, because you know for sure. But, if you try to bring it to your interlocutor, your speech will lose that delight and deep meaning of the bright feeling. Learning tantric massage will help you to express your feelings and emotions to your soulmate without words. This is not just another erotic massage technique, it is a whole culture and ideology, with the help of which you can not only tell about your feelings and start a love game, but also improve the men's health of your orchestra, and even make an energy exchange. It is about tantric massage and will be discussed in this article.

What is tantric massage?

Atmosphere for tantric massage
Tantric massage for men
Tantric prostate massage
Tantric massage member
Tantric massage for woman

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is the personification of the "New Era" or "Era of Aquarius", the teaching of which carries a new worldview. "The Age of Pisces" - the last era, personifies Christianity and other religions, which relatively recently gave way to innovative discoveries of science, which include the flow of energy.

Atmosphere for tantric massage

Atmosphere is a very important aspect of tantric massage. Without additional attributes that will allow your partner to fully plunge into an intimate atmosphere, your interaction will not be completed until the end. Take seriously the preparation of a romantic atmosphere and take into account the following recommendations:

Choose a suitable place for tantric massage. This can be your bedroom or a chic hotel room, as you like. The room should not be littered with different things. Small figurines, shelves with dusty books, papers and stationery on the desk steal your energy. They clog your channels and can become a source of headaches and anxiety.

Pick a place where you feel comfortable. Try to clean the room from unnecessary possessions.

Use candles or dim lights. It would be good to use a lamp that changes color every 30 seconds. This would help you in the first place, because each color has its own message, which acts on the emotional state of a person. Ideal for tantric massage is purple, blue and yellow, because these colors affect the chakras and aura of the person as a whole, which will allow you to open your channels for the transmission of energy.
Use essential oils or fragrant wands - these are great assistants in creating a romantic atmosphere. If your goal is to excite your partner and turn your sex into a sensual union of two souls, then the following aroma oils will help you:

Tantric massage is an exchange of energy and spiritual self-knowledge of its second half. The word "tantra" means "unity", therefore such a massage is done exclusively to a loved one. The tantric massage technique will help you to express the most intimate feelings to your partner, which is very hard to put into words. Today you have a unique opportunity to understand what is hidden under this energy sacrament:

The most important tantric massage lesson is that the whole body of your partner is a solid erogenous zone. If you are used to stimulating the most intimate points for a speedy arousal, then you take away from him and from yourself the most important aspect of your love interaction - emotional and energetic unity.

Forget about all the erogenous zones that you managed to grope or read on the Internet. Examine your partner again. Become a pioneer in the search for sensual points. Believe me, there are a lot more of them than you might think.

The main goal of tantric massage is to share the energy of your feelings with your partner, so you should understand that if at this time you are not set up for sacral exchange, then your other half will feel it, and the result of your massage will be zero.

With the help of tantric massage, you can help your partner make an important decision or give an energy setting to an important event. This is an ancient technique by which the traveler was prepared for a long journey, the bride - to go to another family, and the soldiers - to march.

Tantric massage for men

The time has come to know the sacrament in practice. Why pull off the main intrigue of this article? This section provides a detailed description of the technique of tantric massage. Immerse yourself in the world of sacred energy and carefully read the following recommendations: Put your partner on the bed, undress and carefully inspect it. Get to know your loved one's body. You shouldn't think that you know him completely and completely, there is something in it that you didn't pay attention to before - its energy. Feel it.

Get to know your partner's body with tight touches all over your body. Your hands should be completely relaxed. Walk your hands like a kitty, curiously studying all the parts that you miss. Surrender to inner feelings, re-connect with your man.

It is better to start a man's massage from the feet, the man's energy exchange orbit is constructed in such a way that he receives energy from above and gives it down. Your task is to stretch the channels from which he gives up energy, otherwise the exchange will not take place. Also foot massage will serve as a good workout for both of you.

Do the proming until you feel the inner sensations of your partner. Immerse yourself in his Universe and try to tune with it on one wave. In tantric massage it is very important to breathe correctly. Breathe measuredly and in sync with your partner. Always watch his breath, so as not to lose touch with him.

You should not massage and stimulate its erogenous zones. Tantric massage mainly consists of technical strokes in which you invest your energy. The task of such a massage technique is to tune in to a single energy flow and get a synchronous psycho-emotional orgasm. Rose is the most powerful pathogen for men. Also, do not overlook the fact that she smells great and gives a man a feeling of your femininity. Rose will help reveal your sexuality and set up your man in the right way.

Ylang-ylang is a universal pathogen. It will increase your attraction and help you get pleasure from every touch on your partner. But do not forget that this is quite a strong stimulator of sexual activity. You should make sure that your massage does not end too quickly. In addition, it has too deep and spicy flavor to dilute it with freshness, add a couple of drops of citrus oil. Patchouli is the perfect fragrance for tantric massage. Patchouli oil will not only help you and your partner tune in to the romantic mood, but also ensure a lasting effect.

Ginger is another effective and indispensable assistant. If you are massaging a man, then use ginger oil is highly desirable. It has not only an excitatory effect, but also has a beneficial effect on the male organs, protecting them from infections and premature dysfunction. Ginger oil paired with tantric massage will help you to achieve real success in the conquest of your man.

Cedar oil is perfect for a joint tantric evening. It has a very interesting property that will help to tune in and dissolve into each other's energy. Cedar will give you a feeling of love, trust and favor with each other.

Massage oil is also important. Use base oil with essential oil. As a base, you can use olive, almond, apricot, as well as oil from grape seed, wheat germ or jojoba.

To heighten the effect, you can add essential oils such as myrtle, lavender, neroli, cedar, sandalwood or clary sage. You can also use massage candles that dissolve and absorb into your partner's body, bringing him unforgettable pleasure to the process. Massage candles also consist of natural ingredients and have a good foundation that easily nourishes and softens the skin. Now that you have decided on the place, the sanctification and the massage attributes, it is time to thoroughly prepare yourself and choose the music for a tantric massage. Treat this with due attention, because almost everything will depend on the music. The attitude of the partner to your caresses, his attitude and overall emotional state will depend on the music you choose. 90% of the information we receive through the two main sense organs is hearing and sight. Whatever your massage is, or how wonderful the perfume sticks are, if you treat your music list carelessly, then your tantric massage is doomed to failure. Look for music on the Internet, guided by tags such as "music for sex", "music for massage" or "music for yoga." Going into the spirit of preparing for a tantric massage, you can look for sweetheart mantras. Many of them are superimposed on beautiful relaxing music, which, moreover, will allow your partner to open his mind for sacred communication.

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